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To provide our customers with high-quality medications and pharmaceutical services. We aim to enhance their health and wellness at cost-effective prices for a better quality of life.

Trinity Pharmacy was built upon the foundations of service and care. Our priority is to put your well-being on top of everything else. We have made it a goal to offer our services to customers who are in need of help. Located in downtown Atlanta, GA. we offering assistance to people around this area is our stepping stone to giving aid to a much larger scale in the future. We take it as a responsibility to provide our services as much as we possibly can when it comes to pharmaceutical concerns.

Extending a helping hand is what concerns us more than anything else. No monetary value will ever be as important as your physical state. This is why we offer our aid at affordable prices so that you won’t have to compromise your health just because of economic issues.

Personalized Healthcare

At Trinity Pharmacy take pride in our high-quality products and services. Our team of professionals are ready to offer you our assistance regarding your medical concerns and inquiries.  Our staff will see to it that you receive our outstanding support. To know more about what we can offer, please take a look at the complete list we have provided below

  • Blood Pressure Screening

  • Immunizations ( Flu Shots )

  • Diabetic Care

Blood Pressure taking

Our Core Values

Trinity Pharmacy is committed to providing the highest level of Pharmaceutical Care to the Community that we Serve, at the Lowest Cost we can Afford while maintaining the Highest Professional Standards and Treating our Customers with the Greatest Degree of Respect and Courtesy.

We achieve our goals by:

  • Providing the highest quality pharmaceutical care to the customers that we serve.
  • Educating our customers about their prescriptions and various diseases such as diabetes and hypertension (Both of which are prevalent with the population in our market area)
  • Being convenient; Our location and our Hours of Operation, Online Refill Services and Delivery Service make us superior to most, if not all our competition.

Personal, Professional, and fast service guaranteed, with huge savings. We are also committed to ensuring that our products are safe, reliable, and high quality.


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Clementine E. Nanje
Clementine E. NanjePharmacist / Owner
MillerAccount Executive

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